Leaders in customised solutions

The numbers say that we manage the processing of more than 500,000 claims every year in the industry and we identified over 6,000 liable third parties. But what they don’t say is that great leadership is only possible because we work tirelessly every day seeking innovative solutions specifically designed for each of our clients.

More than 50 major companies in the industry trust us because they know we study their specific needs and create custom processes that give them added value that helps them retain their customer base and optimize their P&L account.

What is more, we do it through innovative scanning systems that get faster and more comprehensive results.

And of course, we make all channels of communication available to all our customers so you can enjoy a high quality experience in which information is transmitted accurately and instantly regardless of the medium.

Welcome to the future.


When you do something unique, you make the difference. By using the most advanced technology together with continuous improvement techniques we have achieved a great success formula. Thanks to the feedback from all the companies we work with and our unique processes, we succeed in providing every service to the highest standards, both in the traceability of information and the provision of the service itself. Thereby achieving a significant cost reduction, optimization of operational resources and a general improvement in customer satisfaction.

Spirit of excellence

BCNDATA is a team of over 120 people passionate about their work who are constantly seeking to achieve their goals and on the outlook for new challenges. A spirit of excellence that comes from the overall objective of innovation that drives us every day.

Esteban Zafra

Managing Director of BCNDATA

"When you work from innovation, continuous improvement and customer service based on excellence, positive results come naturally."

Martí Segundo

Commercial Director

Pilar Villacorta

Operations Manager

Naomi López

Legal Director

Luis Gómez


Enrique Benito

Development Manager

Charo Pato

Director Madrid Branch.

A story of continuous success

1994 was the year that Forrest Gump premiered, that the Playstation console was released, that Miguel Induráin won his fourth Tour de France and the year in which BCNDATA started its business venture.  A company for administrative services that started off with the aim of providing insurance companies with the documentation to facilitate claims processing, mainly in the phases of verification and recognition of right to compensation.

It received an excellent reception and that meant a fast and significant development that encouraged us to increase our services offer to satisfy companies needs in other phases of the claim handling process.  For this reason, we included services for Third Party Claims and the Recovery of Compensations and Prepayments.

The quality of our work led some companies to ask us to collaborate in decentralizing new processes, primarily for lower value property damages; this service was consolidated and definitively incorporated into our service offer.

And thus, working hard every day and constantly evolving, we reached the lead position that BCNDATA holds nowadays, thanks to the trust bestowed on us by leading companies in the sector for which we process over 500,000 claims every year, that we strive to resolve claim management in unbeatable timing and the highest standards.

The strength of a great group


Leader in claims management and collections.