We make claim handling easy

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At BCNDATA we take care of all formalities related to claims, saving insurance companies time and money and also shortening deadlines for the final customer.

Documentary service

Police Report

Identification of the steps taken by the competent authority on the occasion of an accident.

Official reports

Documentation for fact verification, checking and determination of liability coverage.

Certificate of Entitlement

Public documentation provided by the Administration in order to identify an owner.

Public records

Public documents proving ownership of a chattel or property

Data Management Service


Accident investigation in order to stablish the existence of blood alcohol levels, authority intervention, parties involved, etc. before knowing whether or not a police report exists.

Third Party Liability

Identification of the owner and originator of damage in car accidents and others.

Legal Advice phone line

Added value service offered by our client to policy holders in order to advise them legally.

Consultant of added value services


Death Certificate management and processing of pensions

Testamentary Trust Management

Free service included in the life insurance policy to manage last will and testament.

Customer Management

Unified communication service for reception, attention, channelling and resolution of customer queries.

Claims handling

Entitled to Compensation

Analysis of the loss, coverage assessment, claims documentation, contacting the policy holder, compensation or rejection of the claim and closing the file.


Management of Repossession Summons from Courts and Government Agencies against the client’s policy holder.


Transfer of property, inheritance distribution and settlement of taxes essential for heirs to take possession of their property.

Consulting personalized service

We help our customers by offering on-purpose designed solutions, designing ad-hoc processes for each need that allow them to streamline procedures thanks to our customized consulting services.

Tell us your needs and we will create a customized solution for you.